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Homeless Liaison
Dr. Tanya McDonald
Director of Special Services

HIB Coordinator
Joanne Sung
Director of Curriculum and Instruction 

Title IX Coordinator
Dr. Tanya McDonald
Director of Special Services

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 New  Special Message from Dr. Purnell

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Dr. Timothy J. Purnell
Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Purnell
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Core Values/Beliefs
1.    We believe that children learn best in a challenging, motivating, safe, secure, nurturing, encouraging, and respectful environment that fosters a love of lifelong learning.
2.    We believe in providing learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of each individual child.
3.    We believe that the mosaic of every child includes the fine arts, STEAM, and extracurricular activities.
4.    We believe that professional development is essential to the fabric of the teaching profession allowing teachers to build on current practices and constantly improve instruction.
5.    We believe in a collaborative approach to learning and engagement that includes students, district employees, parents, community members, and community partnerships.

Mission Statement
Somerville Public Schools provide the highest quality education through an environment that promotes individual excellence.
Strategic Themes
Strategic Themes were established at the August 29, 2015 Board of Education Summer Workshop in an effort to identify areas of focus for district's five-year strategic plan (VISION2020) which takes into account the Mission Statement and Core Beliefs.   The Board developed these themes and year 1 targets after a careful review of all data and information collected through the community-wide needs assessment survey.   Ongoing input and feedback is welcomed via email and/or tweeting with the hashtag #Ville2020.  
VISION2020 Strategic Themes 
1.  Building Cultural Competence
2.  Preparing for College and Career
3.  Growing Professional Development Opportunities. 
Communicating Progress
Progress towards the completion of building goals (Wildly Important Goals) will be reflected in the District Dashboard (displayed below).

2016-2017 District Dashboard Progress Report 
 Nov2016 Wig Update

The District Dashboard (shown above) displays progress towards the Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) in each school.  
The WIGs emulate the concepts of the book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution.  Now established,  these goals have become the heart and mission of each of our schools.   
Each month, the superintendent and various administrators conduct a purpose-driven walkthrough of each building alongside of the building principal. These walkthroughs focus on the accomplishment of the building WIG and improving classroom instruction.
Click here to view each school's individual WIG and rubric...
The District Dashboard is a graphic tool to focus the efforts and attention of all district 
on accomplishing specific, quantifiable, goals.  

Important Info

  • Somerville Parent Education Series Presents

    Somerville Parent Ed Series

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  • SHS Drama Club Presents

    How to Succeed in Business

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  • Young Athletes in the Community Program

    Inclusive sports and recreational program for children with special needs ages 2 to 7.

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  • Meghan Rose Bradley - Ladies Night Out

    February 23, 2017 at Soriano's Park Side

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  • Learn How to Update Your Family's
    School Messenger Contact Information

    SM Parent Preferences


    SM Parent Preferences (Spanish version)

    Click here to access your School Messenger Account

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  • M.A.P.S Presentation May 17, 2016

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  • District Testing Report

     District Testing Report Video

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  • VISION 2020: Year 2 Goals

    1.  Building Cultural Competence

    Year 2 Goal:  To implement the recommendations of the Trauma Sensitive Task Force.

    Update: At the completion of the 2015-2016 school year, the Trauma Sensitive Task Force presented findings and recommendations to the Board of Education.  These recommendations will be implemented for the 2016-2017 school year.



    2.  Preparing for College and Career

    Year 2 Goal:  To administer a survey to SHS graduates, analyze trends/patterns in college/career preparedness, and present findings to the Board of Education in May.

    Update: The district is currently developing the survey.




    3.  Growing Professional Development Opportunities

    Year 2 Goal:  To provide a six-part professional development series to parents and community members in the area of social and emotional development.  

    Update:  Topics being explored include, but are not limited to, drugs and alcohol, bullying, dating violence, and sexting.

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  • #allin4theVille Awards
    Is there a staff member that you would like to recognize?  Nominate her/him for an #allin4theVille award!  The district recognizes staff members (bus drivers, custodians, security/attendance officers, secretaries, aides, teachers, counselors, CST, support staff, and administrators) for their outstanding efforts.  Click here to nominate a staff member today!
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    District App 
    District App

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